Super Special 4 x Cajun Sauce SPECIAL OFFER With Free shipping

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Slap Ya Mama make a great sauce and we have 2 of the best.

Cajun is French in origin and the French know about quality food experiences

Get 2 x Hot Sauce and 2 x Jalapeno Sauce PLUS delivery for only $29.95 (Normally around $55 depending on location)

Hot Sauce- Is not a "Hot" sauce so much as a beautiful flavoured Cajun sauce.  Great on bacon and eggs, meats, spaghetti, Shepard's Pie etc .  I use it on my lunch of sliced tomato, steamed cauliflower, asparagus and tuna...  Delicious and healthy.

Jalapeno (Green) Sauce - has a bit of bite and the magnificent Jalapeno flavour you just love, especially on say a hamburger or fries.  This one is special

NORMALLY $21 FOR 1 OF EACH.  NOW YOU GET DOUBLE with free shipping for $29.95.  OFFER ON CURRENT OVER STOCKED ITEMS OR UNTIL WITHDRAWN.  Includes Australia Post delivery




(No reviews yet) Write a Review