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Our Hot Blend contains the least amount of salt in its mixture but uses a much spicier red pepper blend to give it a little extra kick. Although it is spicier than the other two blends, it is still full of flavor and can be used on various foods and in various cooking methods such as the Original Blend. We find it best if used as a rub for grilling steaks or spicing up meats on the BBQ.

There are no additives such as anti caking, preservatives, colouring and so on.  They are gluten free and NO MSG.  They are Kosher and Certified Cajun in the state of Louisiana. The spices are so very flexible and many people say they sprinkle them on EVERYTHING.

Size: 8 oz (perfect for home use)


(10 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Hot and delicious

    Posted by Bec on 8th Jun 2017

    A great additon to shake onto all your food, it tastes great on avocado on toast, popcorn and chicken. Makes you taste buds zing.

  • 5
    Can't live without it

    Posted by jerome burel on 29th May 2017

    Ever since my daughter brought some Slap Ya Mama back from the States, I can't live without this stuff 11/10 for me

  • 5
    The Best Flavor Ever

    Posted by Antony Wood on 5th May 2016

    Our Family come across Slap Ya Mama in a package sent to my Brother in law from his friends in America. We believe it has the best flavor ever and is a good accompaniment to any meal from risotto to steak, even soup.

  • 5
    The best out there for every meal use

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2016

    Out of all the 3 blends, this is my fav. The white pepper is too salty and the regular blend it just meh. It gives a fantastic kick to every bite in your food! Just love to pour it on everything that I eat :)

  • 5
    Best taste

    Posted by Woodsy on 14th Jan 2016

    This has got to be the best tasting spice to have on everything , we have been very happy with the fast service as well , all the SLAP YA MAMA sources and spice is fantastic . Thank you 4dflavours you guys are the best

  • 5
    My Favourite enhancer

    Posted by Terence Morrison on 15th Sep 2015

    This mixture goes on anything! Toast and Avacado with a liberal sprinkling of "Slap Ya Mama" will liven up your day!. This little pack has a brilliant blend of flavour and heat... perfec! :)

  • 5
    Is this a drug?

    Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2015

    :) I am so addicted to it that I sprinkle some of it on top of everything that I eat! Have you tried Cajun Vanilla Ice Cream? (Ok that was a joke, dont try it :P)

  • 5
    Best Spice Mix!

    Posted by sarah on 14th May 2015

    We love this Cajun spice mix, we have it on lamb and chicken several times a week! It is hot but totally worth it as it is delicious and contains no nasties.

  • 5
    Slapped by Ma Mama!

    Posted by Terence on 6th Mar 2015

    This is by far my favourite seasoning blend since first trying it at the Herb and Chilli festival a few years back. It's not only damn HOT, but it is really full of flavour, adding to pretty much any meal you care to add it to.